Jackie Danger is a Muralist, Painter and Illustrator best known for her Post-Pop Art style.

She has enjoyed creating original works since she could pick up a brush.  Her style has morphed over the years from watercolor impressionism and abstract, to bold color fantasy surrealism to her more modern art and popular culture pieces.  Regardless of high or low influence, her designs always find traction within the youth movement.

In addition to solo art shows, her work has been featured in traveling exhibitions, as well as promoted as a featured Artist with brands such as L’Oreal, Hurley, Oakley,  Ergo, and Bridge to Skate.   With a history of wheat pasting her original designs, she has also been accepted and invited to show her work alongside well know street artists.

The rock and roll approach she expresses in her paintings and illustrations is influenced by her life experiences; skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and motorcycles as well as the adventures and ideology acquired by this counter- culture lifestyle.

Throughout the US and Australia, she is best know for her T-shirt and skateboard graphics for numerous action sports companies as well as her murals. She has been referred to as a “Progressive Youth Vigilante” because of her visual expressions.