Jackie Danger is known for her work as a muralist.  Specializing in creating large scale murals for clients.  She works in both spray paint and acrylic paint, indoor and outdoor.  Her murals have been used in commercials, music festivals such as SXSW and Beach Moto, and adorn skateparks worldwide.  
She has painted in Costa Rica, Brazil, Miami, Madison, Wisconsin, Portland Oregon, Seattle, Southern Calififornia, Mexico, Australia and more.

She is always open to opportunities via email at


Nude bowl Mural

Completed in the desert in 2021, was used in several photo shoots as well as an international Toyota commercial.


The Nude Bowl project
The Nude bowl project 3Nude bowl mural by Jackie Danger


Home improvement and business work for clients 



 Roland Sands - Beach Moto

Another highly publicized mural, was the live painting Jackie did at the inaugural Roland Sands Beach Moto festival in Huntington Beach at Bolsa Chica.  She was the only live artist with a crowd of around 40,000 people throughout the day.

Costa Rica + Brazil + Australia 

Austin, TX and Miami

And many more…