Original Framed Artwork “Friend of the Snake”

Original Framed Artwork “Friend of the Snake”

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Acrylic Paint, layered within multiple resin layers on wood panel, cradling living plants encased in waterproof settings,  with an attached black contemporary floating frame. 

by Jackie Danger

From a long awaited and never before released collection, a Study of Frequencies and Felines, the first of its kind with living plants incorporated in the artists work.

The title “FRIEND OF THE SNAKE” is an ode to African fable of the Ndebele people.


‘The fable is as follows:

The serval cat used to be the same tawny Color as a lion.

Since the Serval was smaller and nowhere near as strong as the lion, the other animals  often teased him calling him "lions little cousin."

Serval dreamed of having a magnificent coat like the leopard or a zebra, thinking that if he could not be big and strong he could at least be beautiful.

One day serval went on his daily hunt and he came across a puff adder.

An adder is an incredibly poisonous snake. They are very interesting as they are the most widespread snake in Africa and when disturbed, the snake will coil into a defensive S shape and hiss loudly.

Now this adder with feeling very ill. He asked every animal that passed by for help but none would help the it for fear of the serpent was strong.

"Kind serval! I am feeling very ill and none of the other animals will help me! " announced the Adder. The serval, ever the observant cat replied, "No wonder, you are such a nasty creature that all animals go in fear of you. But, because you are ill, I will help you just this once but you must promise to keep your fangs to yourself!"

The puff Adder agreed to be on his best behavior and the Serval brought the snake home and looked after him. It took a long time for the snake to get better for indeed he was very ill but, thanks to serval's care and attention, he recovered to the peak of health!

"Thank you good serval for your kindness! To show my gratitude, I will give you anything within my power." rejoiced the Adder.

The serval replied "there is nothing I would like more than a beautiful coat! "

The Adder pondered for a moment and finally answered, "I will have to bite you. But do not fear. My poison will not harm you for I will only use a very small amount." and so the Adder bit Serval carefully.

Fighting through nausea and all those other afflictions that come with a small amount of poison the serval's coat began to change! From tawny fur, the poison did its work, changing it now to a golden color with black spots.

Overjoyed with his new handsome appearance, and as a sign of respect for each other, the puff adder and the serval do not trouble each other to this day.

‘My art is about expanding the higher senses.  Subtly encouraging vibrational growth.

I chose the theme of wild cats because these graceful animals are proven to hear and communicate with each other in vibrations beyond our perception.  They see colors we don’t see, hear in frequencies we cannot.
The living plants in my pieces bring electromagnetic fields into the very environment of the observer. Raising our own frequencies just through experiencing the art. 
The color pallet is my personal choice of the colors that bring me the utmost joy.

I created this collection during a time of mass upheaval in my life, emotionally as well as circumstantially in the world.

In my studio and working in these colors and subjects transported me to place where my soul found genuine inspiration in silence and noise, as well as emotional growth within the movement of this energy.

As you experience this work,  I hope you feel the subtle vibrations I have transmuted for you. The observer.” - Jackie Danger

Jackie works on wood panels using acrylic paints, multiple layers of resin, and living plants.

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